Do they carry general liability and errors & omission (E&O) insurance?

Liability insurance protects the inspector, the referring Realtor, buyer and seller should devastating physical damage occur from the inspection. E&O protects all parties from erroneous reporting with significant monetary consequences.

What, if any, standard of practice do they base their inspections?

There is no set SOP in Colorado. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI®) has a nationally recognized SOP. If the inspector has another SOP, how does it compare to the nationally recognized ASHI standard in terms of proven and broad state-level acceptance?

What source & level of training, experience & education do they have?

​​Are they a CERTIFIED Home Inspector and what is required to be certified?

There is no set certification in Colorado. The label is loosely used and has broad meaning. Be sure to ask for specifics about any claimed certification. ASHI® Certified Inspector has been qualified with proctored 6 hour examination, random peer reviewed reports, must have 250 inspections min. level of experience and maintain 20 hrs of annual continuing education.

Do they maintain continuing education?

How many Home Inspections have they performed?

How much time do they typically spend on an inspection?

What additional inspection techniques and tools do they use?

Are they impartial, free of any financial interests with anyone involved?

How are their reports presented, organized & written? How much detail?

Do they include pictures, diagrams, etc.?How well does the inspector communicate with all involved parties?

Are clients encouraged to attend the inspection?

What do their former clients say?

​​Do they guarantee client satisfaction?

How much is the fee and what is it based on? Is it competitive for the services and qualifications provided?

How much is the fee, and what is it based on?

Is it competitive for the services and qualifications provided?

What Inspection services do they provide?

Are they inhouse or outsourced?

How important is this service to the client’s home buying/selling investment?

How do their qualifications compare to the price? - Customer should decide.

"My wife and I have purchased 7 homes in the past 18 years and have had home inspections for each. The inspection your company preformed on our most recent purchase was the most careful, professional and complete we have ever experienced. Your report was very detailed and well documented with narrative as well as photographs. Your detailed work has increased our confidence that we are buying a quality home and that there will be no “unpleasant maintenance surprises”."


Clark & Colleen W. (Home Buyer clients)